Classic Gunfights, Vol. III – Hells in Session


Classic Gunfights Volume III is shaping up to be the best yet. And that’s saying something for the best-selling series that started seven years ago on the pages of True West and quickly became the most read feature in the magazine.

This Volume has the most ambitious gunfights yet, including big fights, like The Alamo and The Battle of the Little Bighorn. More icons per square inch than any other book in recent memory: Custer, Crockett, The Daltons, Black Bart, Billy the Kid, Butch & Sundance (cash out), Ben Thompson, The Apache Kid, John Wesley Hardin, Wild Bill Hickok, Luke Short and the Texas Rangers (in the only battle where they surrendered!). This is a very ambitious undertaking, and a tour de force by the three amigos: Bob Boze Bell, Gus Walker and Bob McCubbin.