True West Magazines 2020 – Partial Set – 9/10 Issues (Jan2020 Sold Out)

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  • The 2020 True West Magazine Partial Collectors Set – 9/10 Issues published in 2020
  • Jan 2020 Issue Not Included – Sold Out
  • Chief Joseph, Rebels & Outlaws
  • Texas Rangers, Custer, Outlaw Pearl Hart
  • Apache Alchesay, Virgil Earp, Zapata, Daniel Boone
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True West Magazine February/March 2020 - Chief Joseph's Great Escape

  • Chief Joseph - Man of Peace Outmaneuvers The US Army
  • Betrayal of Black Kettle
  • Sometimes the Magic Works!
  • Eyewitness To History
  • Little Bighorn's Forgotten Hero
  • Where The West Comes Alive

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True West Magazine April 2020 - Rebels & Outlaws

  • Rebels & Outlaws
  • Jesse James: Birth Of A Killer
  • Billy The Kid: From Outlaw To Martyr
  • The Death Of William Travis
  • Western Women And Whiskey Bitters
  • The Long Riders Remembered
  • Special Update: What Is The Alamo's Fate?

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True West Magazine May 2020 - The Real Texas Rangers

  • The Real Texas Rangers Armed And Dangerous
  • Lonesome Dove - The Great Western At 35
  • An Arizona Ranger's Final Gun Battle
  • The Last Violent Day Of Handsome Jack
  • When Cowboys Ordered Oysters
  • Too Brave To Die - The Dawson Massacre
  • Eat! Drink! Sleep! - Experience The Old West In Modern Day

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True West Magazine June 2020 - Who Killed Custer?

  • Who Killed Custer? The Truth Behind The Legend Of Sioux Warrior Rain-In-The-Face
  • Curly The Crow Scout:  Hero Or Goat?
  • We Remember Robert G. McCubbin
  • Old West Publishers We Love
  • The Favorite Weapons Of Gamblers, Whores and Assassins
  • Western History Road Trips To Plan For Now

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True West Magazine July/August 2020 - Outlaw Pearl Hart

  • Pearl Hart And A Posse of Wild Women
  • Sioux Snipers At Little Bighorn
  • How Whiskey Won The West
  • Wear It Like A Western Star!
  • Harlots, Homesteaders, Heroines And Hell-Raisers
  • Plan A Getaway To Our Favorite Old West Rail Towns!

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True West Magazine September 2020 - Alchesay Apache Leader, American Hero

  • Alchesay - Apache Leader, American Hero
  • Apache Kid: The Phantom Of The Desert
  • Tombstone - The Town Still Too Tough To Die
  • Cowboy Biscuits Rule The Range
  • Our Annual Guide To The Best Museums In The West

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True West Magazine October 2020 - Virgil Earp Day Of Destiny

  • Virgil Earp Day Of Destiny
  • The True Story Of How The Lawman Earned His First Badge
  • Do Or Die:  The Earps Vs. The Cowboys In Tombstone
  • Peter Brand's Johnny Tyler
  • Why Western Art Will Survive And Thrive Beyond 2020
  • Collector's Edition: 20 Years Of Bob Boze Bell's Western Art

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True West Magazine November 2020 - Viva Zapata!

  • Viva Zapata! - Still Defiant And Dangerous A Century Later
  • The Mata Hari Of The Mexican Revolution
  • The Rise And Fall Of The Sugarloaf
  • Guns Of The Mexican Revolution
  • Cap & Ball Six-Guns: A Smoke-Filled Adventure
  • The Bloody Horror Of The Battle Of Agua Prieta

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True West Magazine December 2020 - Daniel Boone

  • Daniel Boone - The First Mountain Man
  • The Northern Cheyennes' Final Fight For Freedom
  • The Notorious And Deadly Cherokee Bill
  • Texas Turns 175!
  • Billy The Kid Shoots His Way Into Eternity
  • True West's Ultimate Travel Guide To The National Trails

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